Rules & Regulations.
  We won't preamble, ya'll want to know how to cure your throat-ache. So, without further ado...

There is no 'death'. What you earn you keep forever. To whit, medals, badges and clasps. You achieve these in two ways:

1) Time fought.
2) Performance in battle.

Awards (medals) and badges/clasps.

There are three criteria here:

A) The combat badges and clasps, which will be awarded per battles (milsims) fought.

B) The wound badges, which will awarded for blood lost as a result of a BB injury.

C) The awards (medals) which will be awarded according to your kill~death ratio in one day of combat.

A in detail) There is one assault (combat) badge which is in silver for foot infantry. To win this you must have engaged in combat (WW2 milsim only) on three days. Eg, a single-day milsim, then a two-day milsim (or any other combination thereof).
The clasps are bronze (15 days per above), the silver (25 days) and the gold (50 days).

B in detail) If you are hit by a BB and it draws blood you win the Wound Badge in black. Silver is three such wounds, gold is five.

C in detail) Awards (medals) are based upon your kill~death ratio in a single day's combat. This is the ratio of how many enemy combatants you have put down (regardless of whether or not they are revived) vs how many times you have DIED (if you are put down but revived it does not count as your death, only when you go KIA do you count yourself killed for the purposes of this kill~death calculation).
The ratios required for particular awards are secret (only I know them) but they are sequential, per reality, and harder to win as they go higher.
This is based upon the HONOUR system and requires you to keep an honest tally over the day. If in doubt don't claim a kill.