Welcome to the HQ of Kampfgruppe Wulf, a unit dedicated to virtual combat with the 9th SS Panzer Grenadier Division Hohenstaufen in the WW2 game Hell Let Loose.

This unit is intended for those who like fighting as an organized team and keeping a persona-style record of their battles and achievements, graphically represented with the use of awards. These consist of medals, clasps and badges and are realistically challenging to earn. As such they represent the time spent fighting and the quality of individual performance thereof.

Membership is by invitation only but this does not mean you cannot seek to join. Anyone is free to ask to fight with us and if we like the cut of your jib you might be invited to transfer into our gruppe. English-speaking and UK/EU residents only, of a mature disposition and frequently available to fight (no tourists thankyou).

Great experience is not mandatory but you should know your way around a typical FPS. You should also be prepared and happy to follow in-combat orders, as this is a squad-based game where the chain of command is a necessity, not a pretension. There is no "yessir/nosir" tomfoolery but there is a rank system and it is used and followed in combat for the greater good of the collective experience. As such, promotion is possible, based upon merit.

We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to meeting you in combat.



Disclaimer: No, we're not nazis. Any brand of socialism that discriminates against people based
upon their race, religion or colour of skin is not socialism, it's evil. Symbols are used here for
thematic and historical accuracy only.