The original DiD logo from 1999.

Welcome to the home of II/ JG3 and DiD.

The DiD (Dead is Dead) concept.

At its conception in 1999 the typical mode of online play was basically 'team death match' or 'air quake' as we came to call it, where the pilots from both sides would take off and fly a short distance directly to the known area of combat.
While this was fun and honed the talents and abilities of the first online sim pilots, it soon became stale, offering as it did no greater 'purpose' than triumphing in one-to-one combats.

It was while reflecting upon this lack of purpose I formulated the DiD concept, which was to both foster a more realistic regard for ones virtual life and offer a framework within which it could matter.

The core principle is very simple, and now seems obvious; to reward pilots for their achievements within a realistic online environment and apply a realistic outcome to death or capture. 
To whit, awards and recognition for successful sorties, displayed publically on a unit website, with the loss of all of them if captured or killed in combat.

From this followed the neccessary 'Pilot Persona System', where the player chooses a persona name under which he flies and gains his awards until/if captured or killed.

In its heyday this system was used with over 200 active members in an online war that ran missions daily for over a year with the original Ilyushin 2 and subsequent Forgotten Battles.

It's obviously not for everyone. While many pilots avoid air quake and seek greater immersion online by choosing to play on servers that offer a broadly realistic environment, some do not have the time and/or inclination to go the extra distance required for maintaining a persona.
But for those who do it's being offered here in the latest iteration of the DiD concept, with II/JG3, flying on the Eastern Front with IL2 BoS/BoM/BoK.

If you have decided to join and fly with us please send an email to the adjutant at with your application.